Misbehaving: A Missy Rae Mystery

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Missy Rae is a typical small town girl in every way – if you ask her absent-minded grandmother. Ask Missy and you’ll get another story altogether.

Lucky for everyone in Poppy County, no one has asked until a mystery man arrives in town with a story bigger than Granny Lola’s wild imagination and the know-how to stir up trouble for the Rae family.

With long-held secrets to keep, a grandmother who may or may not be alive and a penchant for chaos, Missy must forge a plan to stop the handsome stranger before he lets the proverbial cat out of the bag and unleashes a world of trouble on the unsuspecting town and its inhabitants.

Find out what happens when a reluctant witch, a meddling witch hunter, and a ghostly grandmother fight for what’s right only to discover that sometimes it takes a whole lot of wrong to make things right again.

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