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Mercy & Mayhem
Traveling nurse Mercy Mares needs three things in life: the unconditional love of her daughter, her best friend and mentor's constant wisdom, and a new engine for her twenty-year old car. 

A new job posting halfway across the country promises to satisfy one of those needs, but when her patient's spouse dies within minutes of meeting her, she will soon find out that she's going to need a lot more than car repairs. 

What was touted as the friendliest town in America soon turns on her and it will be up to her to connect the dots and find the true murderer, but doing so will be no easy feat. With memory impaired witnesses, a meddling medical staff, and a cast of characters dead set on keeping their community free of strangers, Mercy will need a little help from her loved ones and a lot of luck to get herself out of this jam or risk losing everything she's worked so hard to achieve. 

Find out what happens when mayhem becomes synonymous with Mercy in this humorous, slightly irreverent Cozy Medical Mystery novel! 

This is book one of "A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery" series!



Coughing & Donuts
Available for Kindle Unlimited!
Traveling nurse Mercy Mares accepts a new job posting at a psychiatric facility in a small California town that boasts rest and relaxation for Hollywood starlets and wealthy travelers, but Mother Nature and an elusive murderer have other plans in store for her month long assignment. 

Before she's had a chance to settle in, Mercy finds herself accused of a heinous crime and discovers that nearly everyone from members of local law enforcement to Hollywood moguls have every reason to have wanted the victim dead. Now, it will be up to her and an unlikely ally to solve the murder or end up behind bars. 

Without her trusty friends and beloved canine companion, Barney, by her side, can Mercy rely on one of her patients to help clear her name or will he make matters worse for her? 

Find out what happens in this humorous, slightly irreverent Cozy Medical Mystery! 

This is the second book in the "A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery" Series. 
Fever Rich
Available for Kindle Unlimited!
When traveling nurse Mercy accepts a job assignment in her hometown, she thinks it will be no trouble at all. Besides, the client is the ten-year-old grandson of a wealthy investor. A maid, cook, gardeners, and a pristine estate, what could possibly go wrong? 

Everything if your name is Mercy Mares. 

An accountant is found dead. Mercy's young charge has gone missing and her trusty canine, sidekick Barney is up to no good. 

This once private family soon becomes the center of attention worldwide and Mercy's left with a lot of explaining to do and a doozy of a mystery to solve. If she can find the boy and prevent her Pug from wreaking any more havoc, she just may be able to catch a killer and keep her job. 

Find out what happens when money, power, and spunky, amateur sleuth Mercy claw their way to the truth before the truth kills them. 

This is book three in the 'A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery Series'. Books in this series may be read as standalone novels. 

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