Ava Mallory was born to be a writer. As a child, she wrote on walls, windows, floors, her siblings, and any surface that sat still too long.

Her love of the written word made up for her penchant for silence. That was difficult to find in the home she shared with five siblings, two (dare she say) loud parents, grandparents, and several dozen aunts, uncles, cousins, and long-time family friends who lived nearby.

Growing up, Ava told everyone she would be famous. Of course, with all the noise, no one ever heard her, but that didn't stop her.

After going off to university, marrying her then-Prince Charming, and having four children, her life went kaput, so she did what any irrational Spanish woman would do, she took it up a notch and sold her soul to the indie publishing world.

When she's not writing, you can bet she's busy enjoying one or all of her many hobbies. They include: chauffering children to & fro, cooking for said children, finding all "lost" items for the children, recounting the days of her youth when she would walk five miles through the snow, up a hill backwards to go to school, running (after children or away from them), binge-watching true crime documentaries, streaming her favorite shows, scrolling through her social media feeds, or desperately looking for a quiet place in her house where she can take a nap.

6 Fun Facts About Ava


I'm an introvert through and through. I'm hopelessly devoted to closed and locked doors, my children, and the stories in my head


I'm a multi-genre, multi-pen name author and copywriter and wouldn't have it any other way. I write cozy mysteries, sweet romance, romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, historical fiction, romcoms, humorous nonfiction, and anything that sparks my interest. Each book features Latinx characters.


I love small towns. Give me a farm, beautiful gardens, a few cuddly pets, and I'm a happy girl


I am trilingual - English, Spanish, and Italian. 


My go-to work outfit includes comfy pajamas or yoga pants fuzzy slippers or flip flops, and something to control my curly hair.


I eat Keto because my stomach hates me and I love bread too much. 


I need 100% silence to read and write. It's a rule. Ask my children. They'll tell you. 

First in series books
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